RC Basing vs Casual Racing

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RC basing vs casual racing

If you have just got into RC car driving, you might have heard the terms, bashing, and racing. This post helps you dig into the differences between these 2 fun and exciting activities.

Let’s see how we bash with our RC cars

For bashing, you can go anywhere as long as there is a big enough open area for your RC cars.  In fact, there is no rule to follow. That means you have almost absolute freedom to do whatever you want to do with your car. Sure you need to be watchful while playing/driving so that other people around you will not get hurt by your powerful beast. Remember, as your RC car running at a speed of over 50 KPH, it can be very dangerous if it can hit a pedestrian.

Some people run a speed test while bashing, but that can be boring and provide no improvement in driving skills. Check here for a speed meter. One good thing about bashing is that you Don’t really need to set up the car as precisely as you would set it up for a race for you can bash freely, usually with no competitor. Even your car is not running very straight, you can still control it for a certain degree. During bashing, you can feel very relaxed as you can stop at once. You are not forced to complete the current round.

Unless you are in an extreme bashing, you will not put too much stress on your RC car. If you bash only, you will not want to spend the time and money to make it always perform at its peak as you are just looking for casual fun. This is the reason why a beginner buys an RTR instead of a kit. While bashing, your primary aim is not to be the first one to complete the race, you should feel less peer pressure for upgrading your RC car.  Most of the time, you will need to spend a fortune to race.

Let’s see how we race on a track

For racing, you usually need to drive to a racing track that might be far away from your neighborhood.  For this reason, you need to have to bring all your essential tools with spare parts; otherwise, if your car for some reasons breaks, your day will be ruined. A few months ago, I was in the same situation. I got a big crash with my RC car, and its servo’s gears broke. As a result, my day was ruined even after I spent almost 2 hours traveling to the race track. At this point, I could not do anything but went home.

Restriction on a track helps racers to improve their driving skills – learn how to control the speeds according to different road conditions. Also, each race has a time limit, you need to stand up for a certain amount of time.

You are required to set up your car properly; if your car cannot run straight, you might have a problem for completing even one round. Moreover, usually, your cars in racing get seriously damaged due to high speed crashing and lighten chassis.

By joining more often in races, you will try to keep your RC car frequently at peak performance as you want it to be competitive against others. In the race track, you can see how each of the newest RC cars/technologies perform. As you see these technologies in practice, you will try your best to upgrade your RC car to make it a beast.

If you are into racing, you might want to check out an RC bag here.


In my opinion, bashing and racing are equally fun and exciting. If it is possible for you, you should join both of them with your friends.

Bashing is good for testing your car’s limitation and performance so RC off-road cars are the one suitable for this type of activity

On the other hand, casual racing is good for practicing your driving skills and sharing your knowledge with your friends.

Written by Carlos Santos
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